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Hydrogen Industrial is clean future green safe choice of fuel.

Why Cor Brevis?

Climate change is real. It is occurring right now and everywhere on the planet - and it is happening faster than the scientists ever predicted. Drought, floods, extreme weather disturbances caused by global warming which is a result of industrial development. We need to preserve our planet for the future generations and that's why we must act because the time is running out.

It's of great importance to keep inventing new ways of generating clean energy and to try to alleviate the impact of existing traditional forms of energy production that were based on fossil fuel exploitation by implementing new technologies with the goal of diminution of global pollution.

One of the most important energy sources from the fossil fuel group is coal. World share of coal in energy generation (primary energy) is 30%. The share of global CO2 emission in energy generation from coal is 43%. In addition to energy generation, coal is also used in steel and cement industry.

That is why the core business of Cor Brevis is the development of the patented fuel for coal fired power plants which has the commercial name “Hydrogen Industrial”. The advantages of the use of Hydrogen Industrial as a supplement together with coal is the decrease of;

  • 40% of CO2 (carbon dioxide) emission
  • 60% of SO2 (sulfur dioxide) emission
  • 50% Radioactive elements, heavy metals & arsenic
  • 45% flying and bottom ash

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