Projects Overview


Basic applicability tests for the new fuel have been successfully conducted in the thermal power plant Gacko and the results indicated that the same thermal and energy effect can be achieved by reducing emission of one of the most aggressive greenhouse gases, carbon dioxide for approximately 50%.

By inventing the new fuel (patent owned by COR BREVIS) that is used during the process of coal combustion in the furnace boiler of the power plant, it is possible to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide and other harmful emissions by approximately 50%. Technological development of this new fuel and its thermal and chemical improvement is the main agenda of our company with the aim of opening a new chapter of coal consumption as a fuel for power generation.

Various possibilities of this patent solution (Hydrogen Industrial) enable the realisation of a new fuel that possesses improved thermal and chemical characteristics. Handling the new fuel is easier and safer. At the present stage of development of the new fuel it is necessary to conduct measurements of all its experiments.

The development of this product contributes to the global efforts of energy generation at the level of sustainable development in order to facilitate the progress of civilization in balance with its negative effects on natural resources.